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You should pay consultancy fees for providing home jobs information. This is not Investment (i.e., Stock Trading) / Multi level marketing / Referral program here income is only from Typing work. All Rights reserved.
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Frequently Asked Questions ( F A Q )

  • Who can join in this project works?
Anyone can join. Example:-
  • College students or teenage students 
  • Self Employed people
  • Job holders or Job searchers
  • Government job holders
  • Unemployed people 
  • Housewives
  • Moms stay at home 
  • Retired persons or Senior citizens 
  • People who want a part time job for extra money
  • People who want to earn money in home 
  • People who want to do a full time job in home 
  • People who can work extra time for extra income
  • Home typists 
  • Who need data posting jobs
  • Who need daily / weekly / monthly payments
  • Educated or Uneducated
  • Professional or Occupational
  • Home job searchers etc.,
  • What is the Qualification? 
No need any educational qualifications but only typing skills.
  • What are the requirements to do work?
1) Computer or Laptop 2) Internet connection
  • Can I work anytime anywhere? 
Yes. You can do anytime anywhere.
  • What are the targets and time limits for work?
Absolutely there is no targets and time limits.
  • When can I get payment? 
After completing the minimum work the payment will be done immediately at our offices or through online banking to your Bank account.
  • Is there any payment for partial or incomplete work? 
No payment for partial or incomplete work you should complete minimum work to get payment.
  • How can I get payments?
You can receive the money through Bank directly for that you have to provide Bank Account details while starting the work.
  • Ok I have completed minimum work and got my payment. What is the next process?
You don`t need to wait because it is online work. You can continue your work in your User ID.   
  • What is the registration process?
You should pay consultancy fees Rs.1500/- to get work.
  • Why should I pay consultancy fees ?
Important question. Please click here
  • What is the guarantee for consultancy fees and work?
In these days this is very very reasonable and important question. First of all please don't compare us with others. We are in this sector since 2009 in Andhra Pradesh
  • Is it possible to deduct consultancy fees in my payments? 
Very important. It is not possible to deduct in your payments. Firstly please understand us. We also made some payments and a lot of efforts to get this projects.
  • OK I am interested. How can I pay consultancy fees?
You can pay consultancy fees by 
1) Direct deposit to our Bank account 
2) Online net banking to our Bank account 
3) ATM/Debit Card to Card transfer 
4) By Webmoney(WMZ)
5) By Perfect Money(PM)

    Bank Account Details:-
     State Bank of India
    Account name:-
     P Srinivas
    Account number:-
     Innespeta, Rajahmundry
    Account Type:-
     Savings account
    IFS Code:-
    ATM / Debit Card No:-
     4591 5000 7636 6265

     HDFC Bank
    Account name:-
     P Srinivas
    Account number:-
     A V A Road, Rajahmundry
    Account Type:-
     Current Account
    IFS Code:-

     Andhra Bank
    Account name:-
     P Srinivas
    Account number:-
     J N Road, Rajahmundry
    Account Type:-
     Savings Account
    IFS Code:-

    • What should I do after consultancy fee paid?

    After paying consultancy fee you should send your payment details and your full details to our Email as
    1)Name 2)Address 3)Phone Number 4)Email 5)Bank account details 6) Mention your choice of work.

    • When can I receive my work after consultancy fee paid?
    You can get your USER ID and Password immediately to do work to your Email after paying consultancy fees.
    • Who can help if any problem persists?

    If you have any doubts please feel free to
    (Customer Care timings: 10.00 A.M to 06.00P.M., Monday to Saturday)

    •  Is there any referral program?
    This is not Investment(i.e., Stock Trading)/Multi level marketing/Referral program. Here the income is only from Typing work.